Sustainability - For a Better Tomorrow

Dr. Mirjam Peters is a studied natural scientist (PhD), working in engineering. She is currently Head of Sustainability and has vast experience in several functions in the automotive and supplier business in a DAX40 company. With international experience in South Africa and Asia she successfully managed global projects combined with organizational development and strategy. On her way she mentored and coached many people finding their own path as leaders and guiding their careers. 



Holistic Understanding of Sustainability 

Sustainability is one of the most disruptive challenges that businesses have seen. In order to be able to master this challenge innovation, technology, new structures, and new business models are needed. To master this change process everyone in an organisation needs to support and move the challenge. Communication, and people engagement are key to transform a running business into the new normal.


It is her key to build sustainability organisations.  

Setting up organisational structures that ensure being legally compliant with projects and line tasks to cover regulations and global laws for today and future readiness. 


The combination of sustainability and strategy development. 

Setting up organisational structures that enable businesses to incorporate sustainability in daily operations, future business model and technology development.


Mirjam always puts leadership and developing others as top priority. 

There is no business without people. Talent development, coaching and mentoring are important pillars in every organisation and individual development. 


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